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รับบริหารโครงการ รับบริหารโครงการ

 Construction  Management  Services

consist  of  2  phases  of  service

1.  Design & Pre-construction  phase

     1.1  General  Management

           -  Study  of  Preliminary   design   to recommend   for   the   most   suitable  structural    system  ,   construction  materials  and  equipments ,cost  and  time  allowance

           -  Workshop  holding  between  owner ,  project   administrator , designer  and            construction management  consultant                       

           -  Prepare  schedule of  work for parties  concerned  as  guideline   for  co-operation

           -  Assist   the  Client  in  applying   for authority ’s  permission

           -  Recommend  the  Client   against  possible disaster and for construction  safety

           -  Recheck  construction  drawings  and specifications  for  possible  problem                            during  construction


                1.2   Project  cost  service

                     -  Prepare Project budget in Preliminary  design  stage  for  Feasibility  Study

                -  Prepare  cost   analysis   for   each  building  system  proposed  for  cost                   comparision

                      -  Study Budget Cost Control in  Design  stage

                      -  Prepare  Final Cost Estimate and  Bill  of Quantities as a common  document  for  tendering

                      -  Prepare  Project   Accounting   cumulating  Total  Cost   throughout   construction  range

                1.3  Pre-construction  Services

                   -  Prepare pre-qualification  for  tenders  and  recommendations  for  contract                       award  to  client

        -  Checkforintegrationand  compatibility  in  case  of  partitive  tender

                     -   Summon  a  meeting  for  tenderers  to  clarify  construction  project

                     -   Receipt  of  tender   documents   from  tenderers

           -   Prepare  recommendations  for  contract  award


        Design & Develop Offering building design and specification as per Client’s requirement and budget allowance. Other services to be offered during construction.

  • Shop drawings and construction materials approval
  • Justification of architectural and engineering problem arised during construction
  • Control and cost check on all proposed design changes and allow the Client the opportunity to decide which change orders to be approved